Biotic Index
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除了坐擁優美水景、清澈水體的扁蜉蝣 ,生活在污染水域裡技值滿點的水生生物也是不勝其數,我們提供一份簡單的水質生物指標圖鑑,平時若一個不小心將視線轉移至周遭水體 ( 例如:Airpods掉進水溝裡時 ) ,還可以順便發現新大陸。


All types of creatures know it. 
After starting the water quality test journey, we discovered that the quality of water can be also measured with “insects.”

In addition to the Afronurus floreus (the larva of mayfly) that lives in clean water, there are also countless aquatic animals living in polluted water. Here we provided a Biotic Index as an indicator for water quality. So if one accidentally take a glance at the surroundings water (for example, when one’s Airpods fall into a ditch), he or she could discover a new world.

Before: "Hey, that thing in the water looks strange."
After: “Oh, that's bloodworms! Usually they live in heavily polluted waters. It seems that the water here is not for living people!”

Let us scroll down and find out more!
扁蜉蝣 Afronurus floreus

目 / 科 Order/ Family
・蜉蝣目 Ephemeroptera
・扁蜉科 Heptageniidae

型態及特徵 Characteristics
・複眼大而突出 Large and prominent compound eyes
・黄色至黃褐色 Yellow-brown
・身體扁平,方便躲藏在石下或縫裡 Flat body for hiding under rocks or cracks easily

攝食方式 Feeding Habits
・刮食型 Grazers, Scrapers
・藻類為食 Eating weeds or algae

棲息地 Habitats
・低海拔山區淺水溪流 Shallow stream at the high altitudes of a mountain range
扁泥蟲 Psephenidae

目 / 科  Order/ Family
・鞘翅目 Coleoptera
・扁泥蟲科 Psephenidae

型態及特徵 Characteristics
・體扁圓型,背負龜殼狀 Round body with turtle shell back
・殼體周邊鑲紅褐色邊紋,體背黃褐色或灰褐色,腹節黑褐色 Dark brown abdominal section, yellowish brown back, with red-brown borders
・體背及周緣密布濃密的毛或棘突形成空氣膜 Bushy hairs or spines forming an air membrane

攝食方式 Feeding Habits
・撕裂型 Shredders

棲息地 Habitats
・低海拔山區中上游淺溪 Up and middle shallow stream at the high altitudes of a mountain range
姬蜉蝣 Canidae

目 / 科 Order/ Family
・蜉蝣目 Ephemeroptera
・姬蜉蝣科 Canidae

型態及特徵 Characteristics
・步足向兩側延伸,軀體扁平 Flat body with extending feet

攝食方式 Feeding habits
・蒐集型 Collectors
・濾食矽藻及腐敗有機物 Filtering diatoms and spoilage organic matter

棲息地 Habitats
・細砂底泥 Fine-sandy bottom mud
・幼蟲生活於中度汙染的中下游河段 The larvae live in the middle and lower river with moderate pollution
紅蟲 Chironomus

目 / 科 Order/ Family
・雙翅目 Diptera
・搖蚊科 Chironomidae

型態及特徵 Characteristics
・其血液中含有血紅素,全身呈紅色 The blood contains heme and the whole body is red
・生命周期:卵、幼蟲、蛹及成蟲 Life cycle: eggs, larvae, pupae and adults

攝食方式 Feeding habits
・濾食蒐集型 Collectors

棲息地 Habitats
・流動的溪澗 Flowing stream
・腐爛的植物、 樹洞 Rotting plants and tree hols
・人工水體 Artificial water body