「( Un- )( PLAN ) 沒有計畫」,並非不計畫、不作為、不動作,而是帶有反轉既有思維的意味。括號內可以是一串公式、一段註解,而非特定規範的計畫發生。

( 以括號反轉主體,括出一個空間,讓未知的方法和無法預期的結果碰撞出驚喜的花火。 )

“(Un-)(PLAN)” does not simply mean to not plan, act or move; but rather, to derail the existing train of thought with a sense of reverse engineering. The brackets can be filled in with an equation, an annotation, instead of the occurrence of a planned event. 

( By placing the issue between brackets and reversing its definition, we have created a combustion room for the sparkles created by the impact of unknown methodologies and unpredictable outcomes. )

By anchoring ourselves from the perspectives of social design and advocating the idea of “serious issues with engaging attitudes”, we try to invert and fumble with the prerequisites, discovering the minutiae through an “unplanned” interaction, transforming the experience into an engaging act that would create a chain reaction for mass participation, and to further create a momentum that will result in a change in society and a better way of life; despite the fact that we are all strangers to one another.
一提到環境議題:怪嚴肅的( ? )

( Un- )( PLAN ) = ( 議題 )  ╳  ( 活動 )

第一季「( Un- )( PLAN ) 沒有計畫」將以環境議題作為核心,擲出5種不同的公式排列,每場將以 ( 1個議題 ) 搭配 ( 1場活動 ),在過於正經的議題裡保持基本的幽默感,以免在蛻變成知者時,被自己無聊死。

在你的參與後期待也能為這份怪有趣的環境議題賦予新的溝通態度 (    )(    ),或是化作( ( ((  漣漪  )) ) ) )   )   ) 向外擴散。
When it comes to environmental issues, it might sound a little—stern, but worry not, we have five engaging activities ready for you: 

( Un- )( PLAN ) = ( issue ) ╳ ( act )

The pilot phase for “( Un- )( PLAN )” gravitates around environmental issues, tossing out 5 different sets of permutation formulas, maintaining a fundamental sense of humor within this absurdly humorless topic to prevent the outcome where you are bored to death before you are enlightened.

We look forward to enduing an fresh new tone of communication to this oddly captivating environmental issue “(    )(    )” following your participation; or better yet, creating a ( ( ((  ripple  )) ) ) )   )   ) effect and expanding your influence into the horizon.