Movie:Dark Waters
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一部改編自美國真實案例的電影。1936年,杜邦公司研究員意外發明了一種能耐高溫、抗酸鹼的化學塗料「鐵氟龍」,後續被杜邦公司廣泛運用至「不沾鍋」,創造巨大的營收。但在製造鐵氟龍的過程中,會使用到一種介面活性劑「全氟辛酸(Perfluorooctanoic Acid;PFOA)」,它所產生的廢棄物,公司卻未送去專業處理,而是直接排放至下水道,導致俄亥俄河、周遭農地受到大量污染,甚至造成附近牲畜大量死亡、家庭新生兒的畸形、居民健康的畸變。這起環境污染案件,逐漸引起地方居民的反彈,律師羅伯・比洛特為了這50年的公害污染,開啟了長達17年的訴訟。「黑水風暴」即是以此歷史事件作為背景,闡述的不僅僅是財團對社會的欺瞞,更多的是危害環境後周遭居民的悲鳴。

在觀影的過程,我們或許都能從中感到悲傷、無力,甚至憤怒,雖然這個案例已成過往,我們也相信大多數的公司、工廠也做出了改善與努力,但事實上社會上仍有人正飽受各種環境污染的折磨,我們無法立馬將這些歸零,但或許能從多元的了解過程中 (不論是電影、新聞等) ,累積意識,並開始改變與監督。就像是現實生活中真正的受害者Bucky說:「回頭看他的人生,他不怨懟任何人,只是想知道為何會發生這一切?」。(或許問題釐清得越多,我們現在能著手改變的事情越多。)
This is a film adapted from a real case in the United States.

In 1936, DuPont researchers accidentally invented a chemical coating "Teflon" that can withstand high temperatures and resist acids and alkalis. It was later widely used by DuPont to "non-stick pots", creating huge revenue. However, in the process of manufacturing Teflon, an interface active agent "Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA)" was used. The waste generated by it was not sent to professional treatment, but was directly discharged into the sewer. The Ohio River and surrounding farmland have been heavily polluted, which has even caused a large number of deaths of nearby livestock, deformities of newborns in the family, and distortions of residents’ health. This environmental pollution case gradually caused a backlash from local residents. Lawyer Rob Bilot started a 17-year litigation for the 50 years of public nuisance pollution.

The movie, "Blackwater Storm", is based on this historical event as its background. It explains not only the consortium's deception of society, but also the mourning of the surrounding residents after harming the environment.

In the process of watching the movie, we may all feel sad, powerless, and even angry. Although this case is a thing of the past, we also believe that most companies and factories have also made improvements and efforts, but in fact there are still people suffering for this issue in the society.

Being tortured by various environmental pollutions, we cannot immediately reset these to zero, but we may be able to arise consciousness from the process of diversified understanding (whether it is movies, news, etc.), and begin to change. It's like Bucky, the real victim in real life, said,

'Looking back at my life, I don't blame anyone, just wants to know why this happened?'

(Perhaps the more this problem is clarified, the more things we can start to change now.)